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Skype in the Classroom Google Presentation

I wanted to share this presentation about different ways Skype can be used in the classroom. This presentation came to me by way of (funny enough) a conversation on Skype. I am mostly a lurker in a conversation that goes … Continue reading

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12-12-12 A Moment in Time Google Presentation

Last December I came across a tweet about a collaborative project around 12/12/12. (I think it was a tweet from Anne Mirtschin, @murcha) My class was lucky enough to participate in this very cool global collaboration project. The project was … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Students in Indonesia and Japan Leverage Technology to Collaboratively Write Story

This past fall my class and I participated in a Progressive Story. The basic idea behind project was that 4 classes would collaborate virtually to create a story. The project creators chose a wiki for the shared writing space. Classes … Continue reading

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