Using Printopia with iPads to Print and Add Student Work to E-Portfolios

One of my new favorite apps is Printopia! It allows to you print from your iPad or iPhone to any printer you use with your computer. With any knew thing I use it must not complicate or add time to what I already do. We teachers are busy enough! The beauty of this app is that it requires almost no set up and it works amazingly well. It also offers some flexibility as to where you send your content. You can chose to print a document, send it to a folder on your Mac, or send it directly to Evernote.

The first thing I did was go to the ecamm website and download the app. I opted for the free trial to see if it would work for me. Installation was a snap. What trips up most people is that they think it is an app that you install on your iPad or iPhone. That’s not the case. You just need to download it once to your computer and you’re all set to go. After using it for about a day I ponied up and paid the $19.99 for the app. Very worth it!!

As I have written about in previous posts I use Evernote to build e-portfolios with my students. I also talk about how I use Skitch to allow my students to add content directly to their Evernote e-portfolios. Printopia kind of works in the same way. Anything that can be printed on an iPad can now be sent to Evernote using Printopia. Very cool!

There are certain times I’ll have the kids send stuff to a folder I have specified on my computer. That way I can look over their work before adding it to their Evernote portfolios. I can also use this folder as a container to hold stuff that I want to showcase on our class blog. I can easily drag it right into Evernote from this folder if and when I want to add it the students portfolio. Here are some screen shots to help you understand how it works.

Chose to print a document or photo.

Chose a “printer” or destination for your document.

Choose to print, send to Evernote, or a specific folder on your computer.

Tap print and off it goes!

I hope this helps. What tools, tricks or tips can you share? I would love to hear what you find works well for your situation.

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Instructional designer at the University of Kentucky.
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10 Responses to Using Printopia with iPads to Print and Add Student Work to E-Portfolios

  1. Elizabeth Nunan says:

    Hi Ben, I had a look at this today and I really like the idea of it. I downloaded printopia but when I trialled it it says that my iPhone cannot find a printer because- No AirPrint Printers Found. Do I have to set up access to a pinter on my iPhone first…. ?

    I have to say I now use sketch and every note, not to the same extent as you but I definitely think it is a valuable resource, so thank you!

    • Hello Elizbeth, thanks for your comment. As far as I know as long as you have a printer set up on your computer you should be able to print to it from your iPhone using Printopia. However, I do know that the website mentions your phone must be updated to at least iOS 4.2.

      I will tell you that I initially had problems using Printopia as well as other similar apps on my network here at school. We did some trouble shooting and found out it had to do with our wireless router and not Printopia the software. We addressed those issues and it’s been nothing but smooth sailing!

      You may find some answers here: link to

      Good luck!

  2. Elizabeth Nunan says:

    sorry about the typos- evernote and printer… long morning

  3. Just wanted to add FingerPrint as an option as it works with Evernote too, but is compatible with PC as well as Mac.

  4. Vivian says:

    You have lots of practical ideas. I really enjoy following your blog. Can I ask you what app or software you use to annotate your pictures?



  5. Paul O'Keefe says:

    I have just accepted an update for my iPad – iOS7
    Now the Printopia symbol is missing and i cannot print directly from the iPad anymore.
    Printopia is still on my MacBook Air where I understand it should be.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Michael Sleboda says:

    Hello: I cannot download Printopia on my Ipad 2, Safiri will not download it.

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